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Engineering Industry : irrigation, groundwater supplies, thermal & hydropower stations, land reclamation & drainage, aqueducts, flood relief schemes, swimming pools, thermal baths, lake & river abstractions, sea outfalls, municipal aquariums, tunnel works, sewerage, sewage treatment plants, pumping stations, service reservoirs, distribution systems, clarification & filtration plants, purification plants, desalination plants, water storage towers, trade wastes, distillation plants.

Cement Ind. : slurry lines, pneumatic conveying lines

Fertilizer, chemcal & plastics Ind. : caustic , compressed air , acid , nitrogen solution , latex , steam condensate return , cooling water , brine , waste , vent , bleach , phosphoric acid lines

Metallurgical Industry : steel mills, aluminium plants, zinc smelters, foundry sand slurry lines, pickling acid lines, spent acid dump lines, waste treatment systems, plating solution lines, sulphuric acid lines, hydrochloric acid lines, chromic acid lines, waste acid lines (for acids and bleaches consult our chemical resistance list!)

Mining Industry : Waste water lines, leaching lines, dilute acid lines, mine tailings conveying lines, fly ash lines, vent lines

Chemistry, Oil and Petrochemical Industry : fire-fighting lines in refineries and oil field installations, sea-water lines, effluent lines, acid waste lines, product lines, oil storage tanks, riser pipes in deepwater wells, lines in gasoline service stations, lines in off shore installations, hook-ups on oil rig modules,. air conducts, vacuum Iines

Pulp and Paper Industry and Printing Industry : air lines to control panels, steam condensate return lines, demineralizer piping, sulphuric acid lines for pH control, alum lines, hydrochloric acid piping for caustic cleaning operations, pneumatic conveying lines

The above mentioned pipe couplings may be used inside and outside of machinery spaces in the following systems: *Bilge and ballast lines *Cargo oil lines *Fuel and oil lines *Seawater lines *Vent, fill and sounding pipes *Drinking water lines *Fresh and seawater cooling lines *Sanitary discharge line *Fire fighting and deckwash lines *Inert gas lines on free deck *Discharge lines from inert gas washers and deck water seals

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